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I'm Back!!! 30 Day Personal Weightloss Challenge


                 It has been forever but sometimes you need a little social media hiatus but I am back and still living a clean life.

                 So Sunday I started a 30 day personal challenge, I have been going to a fit camp for a couple months and I have seen pictures of some of the women who are apart of this particular group and you can definitely see the transformations their bodies have gone through.
                I decided to try out the plan they have for weightloss which is 2 Herbalife shakes, I add my own protein just for a extra boost, 2 snacks and one healthy meal a day for weightloss, I have also been drinking the teas once or twice a day.  I have been trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly since the beginning of the year and have really been motivated to change the way I look at food.  I am human like everyone else so there has definitely been some setbacks but along the way I have loss weight and have kept it off (yasss for exercise and veggies haha…