Update: 30 Day Personal Challenge

                  Today is the last day of my personal 30 day shake challenge.
                 The plan was to drink two shakes a day, one meal, two snacks and 2 mango teas a day.  Week 1 was pretty easy but by day 4 drinking two shakes, two snacks and a meal was too much for me so day 5 through day 15 I went down to one shake, one snack and 1 meal a day.  By day 15 I think my body was used to the mostly liquid diet.
               Day 16 through 29 I alternated between one to two shakes depending on my hunger levels.  It was pretty challenging but I would definitely do it again.  With exercising 3 times a week I lost a total of 5 pounds, I like the idea of drinking a shake for breakfast, it is a easy solution for the mornings.

                  Left, day 1. Right, day 25

Thanks for reading.  Btw, this is not an ad for Herbalife, I don't sell it this is just my honest opinion of the products I have used.


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