Meal Prep Sunday


Hi and welcome back!!!

On Sunday I decided to meal prep for the week, I find it easier for me to eat right if I have food prepared.  I'm not really a fan of leftovers so to make sure I didn't get burned out I made three different entrees.  Because I only cook for myself it usually takes one hour or less.  This week I made sauteed shrimp, beef with peppers and stuffed flounder.  For the sides I made steamed spinach, steamed broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes and brown rice.  I alternate between salads and my meals I cooked for lunch and dinner.  I kept my portions pretty small and daily for breakfast I eat turkey bacon or crumbles with egg whites in either  an omelette, scrambled or on a whole grain english muffin with peppers and half an orange.   I eat 5 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 snacks.  I try to stay hydrated so I make to drink at least a gallon of water daily.  Next time on the blog I will share some of my fave recipes.

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